Review – Bound (A Twisted Tale #2) by: R. Phillips

“To know the truth of our story.”

Everything in life has a price.

Nothing is ever freely gifted. The universe always comes, whether in the brightest, cheek-aching second of the day or the darkest, most plaintive hour of the night, to collect its payment. To rattle and shake your world. To slither into the illusion of Eden painted by strokes of lies and deceit.

And I had left the door open for it, welcoming the thief into my house to steal what was dearest to me.

Even if I had done every unthinkable, irrational, detestable thing to prevent it.

To fight the inevitable loss of the base mistake I had made. The princess that was never supposed to be mine. The deception that had slowly bled darkness into my soul. Eating away at the back of my mind in a cackling mockery. Throttling my throat with the words I had chosen not to speak.

Because the love I had found, the one I had never expected, never foreseen, was a tale I had woven full of lies to keep.

There was always a price. For everyone, in everything. Innocent and guilty alike.
And now I’d learned mine.
But what would theirs be?

*Bound is book two in A Twisted Tale trilogy, which is a modern day retelling of Helen of Troy. It is new adult/contemporary romance and is recommended for 18+. This trilogy must be read in order.*

“And as each of our broken pieces fit perfectly together, my life finally made sense. I finally understood how someone could ruin so many others’ lives for one person…”
Phillips, R. Bound (A Twisted Tale Book 2) (p. 34). R. Phillips. Kindle Edition.

All the stars! Bound was absolutely sexy, thrilling, and heartbreaking all wrapped up into one. I loved this installment even more than the first.  And I don’t like to say I told you so, but I HELLA KNEW IT. Where Entangled had a lot more destruction and self-preservation, book two is so much more angst and anxiety .

Let me preface by saying in book one, and even book two I was Team Jace. He is just such an all-around good and genuine guy. Even though there are spicy moments, I still just kept it getting best friend vibes from them in book two. Whereas Coop, there’s this magnetic pull between him and Eleanor. I would absolutely have NOT wanted to be in her position. It would have broke my heart to choose between these two. 

On a happier note (or not) I was so excited to get to finally meet Stef, Mac, and Kai. I loved their playful banter and their true care for Eleanor. I want so much more of them.

That ending!!!! I had a feeling it was coming, the flashback just seemed too easy but, it still hurt like crazy with a cliffhanger like that. Oh man, thank goodness I decided to start this series right before Fractured’s release because otherwise I’d be going insane waiting. Here goes nothing…

5 out of 5 splatters –

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