Review – Fractured (A Twisted Tale #3) by: R. Phillips

“All of it existing somewhere in between everything.”

What is a life?

A collection of memories? A series of glorious highs and heartrending lows? Is it a purpose, cumulative or singular? Or is it something more? Something beyond what is tangible or immaterial?

Something beyond even what is found within us.

Is it a million little touches? A thousand laughing smiles? Hundreds of shed tears and dozens of stolen kisses on a few desperate sighs?

Is it the thread of yourself that you leave behind in those around you? The lives you’re unknowingly fated to change simply by existing.

A single moment of entanglement, forever binding the invisible matter of souls, until you’re so much a part of each other that there’s no chance of ever being the same. Even if you’re fathomless miles apart. Even if one’s gone while the other lingers. Even if the very love you hold is the thing that breaks you eternally.

Leaving pieces scattered like notes somewhere among the songs of your life until it’s all played together in one crashing crescendo of melody.

The final version of this forever fractured story.

*Fractured is book three in A Twisted Tale trilogy, which is a modern day retelling of Helen of Troy. It is new adult/contemporary romance and is recommended for 18+. This trilogy must be read in order.*

“I think there’s a reason why we keep coming back to someone, good or bad. They get too deep, all tangled up in our cells until… it’s just them. Always them.”
Phillips, R. Fractured (A Twisted Tale Book 3) (p. 203). R. Phillips. Kindle Edition.

The whole end just makes your heart hurt. The ending of this series had some moments you expected, some you did not, and everything in between. It was a perfect ending to a marvelous series.

There was one pretty big twist that happens towards the beginning that I was not expecting and I love when an author can keep me guessing consistently throughout a series. 

The end of “our trio” was one I suspected, however R.Phillips wrapped it all up so perfectly and still threw some heart-stopping moments even when you thought you were in the clear. Overall, such a wonderfully crafted series and I loved every moment.

5 out of 5 splatters –

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