Review – Entangled (A Twisted Tale #1) by: R. Phillips

“These stars of ours were written in darkness and bound with light…”

I fell in love with them thirty-five million heartbeats apart and an ocean away.

One shaped me at the scratch of a pen and the other remade me with the strum of a note.

And the truth is that I loved them both, desperately.

I never foresaw our worlds colliding. How the past and present would crash together and leave us with nothing but a blinding kaleidoscope of pain. How the threads of all of our fates were already so inextricably intertwined from the moment of those first meetings.

And maybe my selfishness is unforgivable… of being unable to choose.

But they were both selfish enough to love me too. Even when they shouldn’t have.

That’s what they don’t tell you about love though. That it can be a selfish thing, never ending in its demand for the infinity of that one person. Or, in my case, two.

And maybe that makes it okay… or maybe it just makes all of our actions all the more unforgivable.

Maybe we all should have been better.

I’ll let you decide.

*Entangled is book one of A Twisted Tale trilogy, which is a modern day retelling of Helen of Troy. It is new adult/contemporary romance and is recommended for 18+.*

“Your second love is just as important, because it’s the love that reminds you that the world didn’t end with the first.”
Phillips, R. Entangled (A Twisted Tale Book 1) (p. 7). R. Phillips. Kindle Edition.

What in the actual?! This book is NOT talked about enough. It is a sexy murder mystery meets fated romance meets small town, small world all wrapped up in one. Man, I could not get enough of it!

Eleanor starts off with a black heart and an attitude to match. We quickly find out she has a tragic growing up and a lot of heartbreak in her past. I love her confidence though that shines throughout the book. I don’t necessarily mean her feelings, but who she is as a person. She likes who she is and is not afraid to show it.

Enter our two sexy hunks: Coop and Jace. Coop, you sexy domineering brute you. The scenes with Coop literally steam throughly the pages. If you looked up sexy, possessive, brute in the dictionary… Coops picture would be there. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two, however something kept holding me back about Coop and man oh man does it come to light why.

“Don’t worry, Dawson. I’m still with you.”
Phillips, R. Entangled (A Twisted Tale Book 1) (p. 266). R. Phillips. Kindle Edition.

On the other side we have Jace Dawson. Oh Jace, I do adore you. You may have been a “bad boy” but you truly are an all-around good guy. He’s got the classic surfer boy look. Man-bun and all. He is everything Eleanor needs and I would take 29 Jace’s. 

Watching it all tangle and weave together had my mind going crazy. As more and more clues were dropped, pieces started to click for me and I was anxiously awaiting to see if it would all come crashing down. 

Man oh man… that cliffy ending. I kept having such a feeling that someone else knows more than they’re saying and it’s going to hurt real bad if I’m right. Thank goodness those secrets are all out and I continue right into the second. However, I know my heart isn’t ready and I just know R. Phillips has more secrets and betrays and spice in my future.

4.5 out of 5 splatters –

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