Review – I Will Find You Again by: Sarah Lyu

All the Bright Places meets Ace of Spades in this twisty teen thriller about finding a way to live after losing the one person who feels like home.

Welcome to Meadowlark, Long Island—expensive homes and good schools, ambition and loneliness. Meet Chase Ohara and Lia Vestiano: the driven overachiever and the impulsive wanderer, the future CEO and the free spirit. Best friends for years—weekend trips to Montauk, sleepovers on a yacht—and then, first love. True love.

But when Lia disappears, Chase’s life turns into a series of grim snapshots. Anger. Grief. Running. Pink pills in an Altoids tin. A cheating ring at school. Heartbreak and lies. A catastrophic secret.

And the shocking truth that will change everything about the way Chase sees Lia—and herself

“Maybe what I want more than anything else is not to die but simply not exist anymore. If I could just blink and just disappear, that would be enough. That would be everything.”
Sarah Lyu. I Will Find You Again (Kindle Locations 1846-1848). Kindle Edition.

A book with these constant heart-wrenching elements is not the type I usually fall in love with, but there is something so addicting about a mystery with a main character slowly spiraling that draws you in. I Will Find You Again is such a head-spinner and absolutely heart-wrenching. When you hear the simile “it’s like a car crash but you just can’t look away”… this is that book.

I’m a teacher for profession, and luckily I teach middle school where the pressure to think about “your future” isn’t as heavy. However, thinking about it… the pressure we do put on 16, 17, and 18 year olds is just insane. To push them to do the most and be the most at that young is just horrifying honestly. I’m 32 and still feel like I am sometimes figuring out life. 

What they don’t know: It’s 2 AM on the fifth night in a row that I haven’t been able to sleep and the world feels like it’s spinning away from me.
Sarah Lyu. I Will Find You Again (Kindle Locations 51-52). Kindle Edition.

More so, Sarah does such a wonderful yet devastating job at showing the struggles people go through when they’re stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed. Even though it was one saddening thing after the next, you feel compelled to keep reading Chase’s story. 

I also really love Cole’s character in this as well. He wasn’t what I considered typical for his stereotype and I loved that Sarah gave him a kinder side. Could we get a college spin-off with him because I’d be all ears for that.

Overall, I Will Find You Again is a story worth reading. It may not be your “typical” read or upon picking it up you know it’s got a lot of heartbreak… but it’s absolutely worth it.

4 out of 5 splatters –

Trigger Warnings: Mental health, drugs, and suicide.

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