Review – Ending Eleven by: Jerri Chisholm

My name is Eve Hamilton.
Everyone in Compound Eleven thinks I was killed. But they’re dead wrong…

I spent my entire life in Compound Eleven as a fighter. Surviving in an underground city filled with violence, oppression, and tyranny. We were told the world above was scorched, an immediate death sentence. I should have died never knowing the truth. Instead, when I fought Wren—a boy from the top floor, a Preme—I fell for him. And eventually learned that my reality was an insidious lie.

Escaping Compound Eleven nearly killed me and Wren. Now we’re aboveground, where the world is anything but a toxic, burning wasteland. It’s green and lush, filled with sunshine, fresh water… and hope. All of which tastes bitter when I see what it’s cost me. Because something in Wren has changed. He’s broken—along with whatever it was between us.

Now the tides of violence in Compound Eleven are rising, threatening to spill out and shatter this peaceful place with brutality, corruption, and death.

But do I stop them… or join them?

“Wren and I look meaningfully at each other, on the same team – always on the same team…”

Primitive, frightening at times, horrid, but also awe inspiring, Ending Eleven is a perfect ending to such a fantastic series. I enjoyed is that we get to see equal parts outside life as we do in Eleven in this final installment. You get a taste of freedom.

I adore Eve and Wren. Their will to do good never waivers and I truly love them together because of it. We see some new characters and some old ones as well and I like that Jerri connects everyone in some form or another.

The epilogue is everything. I am really happy with how this series ended and everything this final installment gave us.  I adore these book covers and this series. If you enjoy sci-fi, post-apocalyptic type stories… grab this series. You will not be disappointed.

– 4 out of 5 splatters –

Check out the full series…

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