Review – Why Are You Like This?: An ArtbyMoga Comic Collection by: Meg Adams

A collection of comics with a millennial take on marriage, adulthood, pet ownership, self-love, and self-care. 

Finally, comics that answer life’s most pressing questions: Is my partner actually upset or just hangry? Whose turn is it to remember the reusable shopping bags? Is it appropriate to put up Halloween décor two months in advance? (Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it is.) 

“Opposites attract” has never rung truer when it comes to vivacious extrovert Meg and her level-headed introvert husband, Carson. Carson makes his coffee with only the finest locally roasted beans; Meg microwaves two-day-old joe. Carson is reserved and rarely opens up to friends; Meg ensures everyone in her life—including her mailman—knows about her hemorrhoid. From the joys of marrying your best friend to the bizarre musings of a twelve-pound pup to the humor and heartbreak of anxiety, Meg’s all-too-relatable comics leave no stone unturned. Dorky and downright hilarious, Why Are You Like This? explores what it means to make fun of oneself and find laughter in the little things.

The intro sold me right away. It’s so comical, and a perfect feeling to draw you in and it did not stop there. When I tell you I could not stop laughing, I mean it literally. So many parts had me laughing because they’re SO true and if you think they’re not… you’re lying to yourself.

More so, the illustrations match perfectly to the situations we all know happen every day. They are cute but also funny and I loved flying through this graphic novel. If you need a laugh and a quick read that hits close to home in a comical way… this is it! I cannot recommend it enough!

Special thank you to Netgalley & Andrews McMeel Publishing for a copy. 

– 5 out of 5 splatters –

Published by Jena Freeth

30. Boy mom. Book lover. Fitness junkie. Shopaholic.

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