Review – Poison Throne by: Jaymin Eve & Tate James

They’re waiting for you.

Those four words should have been a warning. They should have filled Violet with dread. But she was so focused on Rafe’s disappearance, she forgot.

The resistance was supposed to be fighting for a better world. A group of freedom fighters formed during the Monarch War, pushing back against laws that would see everyone enslaved. For a while there, they gave hope.

But with power comes corruption. The Society has been quietly amassing the strength and backing to become a real threat, and not everyone wants to use that power for good.

In a world torn apart by the death of monarchs, new leaders rise. Violet dives headfirst into the viper’s nest with one singular goal: rescue the stolen prince who possesses half her heart.

With the unwavering support of Jordan at her side, Violet knows she can face whatever the resistance throws at them. Even if she was the intended target all along.

Keep your friends close.
Keep your enemies closer.
Never forget the betrayals of the past.

The end of an era is here.

* Slight spoilers for book one and two *

The story came full arc in most aspects, however I felt like I was waiting or wanting so much more in this last book that I just did not get. 

I feel like the romance aspect of the story got so detailed in this one. Between our two love interests, I felt so much more chemistry between Rafe and Violet. Jordan was sweet and loving, however I just didn’t feel the connection between them.

With our HEA, I was just hoping for a different ending so to say… I feel like there was a much stronger connection that should have been taken and it wasn’t. Overall, the book was definitely eventful and exciting to read however, I just felt the last book was a little flat compared to the first two.

– 3 out of 5 splatters –

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