Review – Playboy Princes by: Jaymin Eve & Tate James

She’s my last chance. 

Those four words echo in Violet Spencer’s mind, tugging at her curiosity even as rage builds within her.

Arbon Academy was supposed to be a bright new start. An opportunity for greatness, and something an orphan girl could only dream of. For a while there, it seemed to be exactly that. 

But Violet’s bright future is suddenly looking dim. Arbon Academy and Prince Alex are nothing but a facade. A trap.

In a sinister world of ballgowns and backstabbing, of perfumes and politics, of indulgent parties and illegal sword fights, Violet now faces the biggest challenge of all. Recovering her shattered heart from the prince who crushed it. 

Supported by her new friends, Violet wants to make Alex feel the pain of his betrayal. Prince Rafe wants nothing more than to help make that happen, but things aren’t always so straightforward. 

Don’t break tradition.
Don’t let them know you know. 
Don’t lose your heart… again.

These rules will keep Violet alive. But at what cost?

* Slight spoilers for book one *

I stand by my statement from book one that this book was like crack, regardless of what was happening, even if I didn’t agree with it, I could not put it down

There is definitely a “love triangle” that forms in this book. I absolutely adore Rafe. Rafe is 1000% end game for me and if he’s not might riot. He is so protective, strong, and just overall a wonderful man. I love that we get to meet his family in this installment and see their dynamic. Continuing with our men, Jordan is a good guy, and I don’t envy Violet having to make a choice. He truly cares and wants what’s best her. I just don’t feel as much chemistry personally.

Nolan and Mattie are still here full storm which I was super happy for. They are by far two of my favorite characters of this series.

I will say I feel like most of this book, although the plot did move, was Violet hopping man to man trying to figure out her romance. There are still other plots happening, which I did enjoy, but I felt the spiciness was the main attraction.

I still absolutely enjoyed this and be very curious to see where the authors will take the end of the story.

– 4 out of 5 splatters –

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