Book Blast + Giveaway: The Immortal Circus

Today is the release day for THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS: FINAL ACT and I’m thrilled to be able to help out and spread the word about its release with an awesome guest post from Mab, an excerpt and a giveaway. As with the first two books in the series, this third and final book will beContinue reading “Book Blast + Giveaway: The Immortal Circus”

Book Blast: The Immortal Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a show unlike any you’ve seen before. Within the walls of THE IMMORTAL CIRCUS, you’ll be amazed by acts of tragic romance, seductive magic, and maybe even a little murder. After all, loves, nothing is what it seems under this big top. NotContinue reading “Book Blast: The Immortal Circus”