Review – The Housemaid’s Secret by: Freida McFadden

“Don’t go in the guest bedroom.” A shadow falls on Douglas Garrick’s face as he touches the door with his fingertips. “My wife… she’s very ill.” As he continues showing me their incredible penthouse apartment, I have a terrible feeling about the woman behind closed doors. But I can’t risk losing this job—not if I want to keep my darkest secret safe…

It’s hard to find an employer who doesn’t ask too many questions about my past. So I thank my lucky stars that the Garricks miraculously give me a job, cleaning their stunning penthouse with views across the city and preparing fancy meals in their shiny kitchen. I can work here for a while, stay quiet until I get what I want.

It’s almost perfect. But I still haven’t met Mrs Garrick, or seen inside the guest bedroom. I’m sure I hear her crying. I notice spots of blood around the neck of her white nightgowns when I’m doing laundry. And one day I can’t help but knock on the door. When it gently swings open, what I see inside changes everything…

That’s when I make a promise. After all, I’ve done this before. I can protect Mrs Garrick while keeping my own secrets locked up safe.

Douglas Garrick has done wrong. He is going to pay. It’s simply a question of how far I’m willing to go…

I am officially a Freida McFadden FAN girl. Man, what a sequel to The Housemaid. Mind-boggling twists just right up until the very last page. Holy heck that was good. 

Even after reading her first book, I had a feeling to not look for the obviously and thought I may know where the book was going. Although on some things I was right on, I was soooo wrong on many others. Freida does such an amazing job at keeping you hanging on every word and then twisting the knife at the right moment. 

Every character we see is so well thought out each playing their own role or relationship with Millie.  Also, broccoli…. I laughed way too hard at that for such a thriller of a book. 

I don’t want to go to details because saying much about anyone makes it easy to spoil, but gosh darn if you haven’t picked up these books, get them and devour them in 24 hours like I did. 

5 out of 5 splatters –

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