Review – A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows by: Holly Renee

Destiny or desire?

Where does your allegiance lie?

I am told my union to the crowned prince will determine the fate of the kingdom, but it isn’t my betrothed who haunts my dreams. It’s the half-breed prince who stands at his side.

He is darkness and sin, and when he whispers promises of wickedness in my ear, I crave a man who I can’t have.

Every thought I have is treasonous. The way my hands ache to touch him deceitful.

Even my dreams make me a traitor to the kingdom I am sworn to protect.

But when the kingdom is attacked, I am forced to make choices I’m not prepared for. Our lies and deception are entangled in the shadows and stars, and as they unravel so shall my fate. Betray a kingdom or betray my heart.

“I think I understand more than most, considering my duty was to give up my entire life.”

Oh wowza! I did not expect to love this book as much as I did. Constant action, sexy moments, and violent adventure make A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows an exciting read that you simply cannot put down.

With our MC, Adara, she is unfairly thrust into a life that she has never wanted any part of. However, she follows through with all the strength she can and I found that admirable. You can definitely see she struggles to figure out who to trust and allow in while also trying to learn about a new land. I loved trying to figure it all out with her.

“It doesn’t matter that you are destined to be his. Every part of you is begging to be mine.”

On the other side we have Evren which holy DANG I will take a few of him. Even though he technically isn’t our main character, I feel like he played just a big of a role in this story as Adara did. I honestly LOVED every scene he was in. He is so mysterious, dark, and honestly a straight sexy brute. Plus, his best friend Jorah is also a favorite!

A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows is also super spicy with a huge twist at the end. I definitely guessed what was coming, but it was still a shock in some aspects. Super excited to see what this series brings. Definitely worth a pick-up!

– 4 out of 5 splatters –

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