Review – All Eyes on Her by: L.E. Flynn

You heard the story on the news. A girl and a boy went into the woods. The girl carried a picnic basket. The boy wore bright yellow running shoes. The girl found her way out, but the boy never did….

Everyone thinks they know what happened. Some say Tabby pushed him off that cliff— she didn’t even like hiking. She was jealous. She had more than her share of demons. Others think he fell accidentally—she loved Mark. She would never hurt him…even if he hurt her.

But what’s the real story? All Eyes On Her is told from everyone but Tabby herself as the people in her life string together the events that led Tabby to that cliff. Her best friend. Her sister. Her enemy. Her ex-boyfriend. Because everybody thinks they know a girl better than she knows herself.

What do you think is the truth?

I’m at a loss for the perfect words to describe how great this book was. As I sit here, finished with the book but not yet done wondering about the story my mind feels so overloaded. All Eyes on Her is full whirlwind of gossiping emotions. It kept you guessing and flipping sides even after the story is over. It exposed the horrors of relationships, friends, family, and if you honestly really know them at all.

At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the story being told from everyone‘s POV except Tabby’s, however I loved it tenfold. It was so creative and well-crafted. I was so impressed with how L.E. Flynn weaved the story through others eyes. It made you constantly kept second guessing who to believe. I also really appreciated the fact that it wasn’t constantly past memories, the story still moved forward too. It was SO well written.

There are also so many surprises throughout the story. So many secrets. So many twists, turns and revelations. It was honestly hard to put this book down because you just needed to know who was guilty, who was cheating on who, and what gossip came next. I admit though, I’m a little peeved (in a the author really got to me way) at the end. It’s definitely not the ending I expected especially since there are still so many what-ifs. You’re left wondering and honestly still trying to guess, did she do it? All Eyes on Her is a haunting thrill ride and I devoured every second. This is honestly a fabulous mystery of a story that really dives in deep to the gut-wrenching side of friendships, relationships, and growing up.

– 4 out of 5 splatters –

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