Review – Navigating the Stars by: Maria V. Synder

Terra Cotta Warriors have been discovered on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. And Lyra Daniels’ parents are the archaeological Experts (yes with a capital E) on the Warriors and have dragged her to the various planets to study them despite the time dilation causing havoc with her social life.

When one of the many Warrior planets goes silent, and looters attack her research base, Lyra becomes involved in discovering why the Warriors were placed on these planets. And, more importantly, by who. 

Another amazing sci-fi fantasy from Maria V. Synder. I adored her take on space and aliens. She had me feeling like I was in Interstellar.

I really adored our cast of main characters. Niall isn’t the bad boy that you find hot. I love how we had to grow to love him. I also loved Beau and hope we see so much more of him in the second book. His playfulness just gets to me. Then with our protagonist Lyra, to be honest I did not connect with her right away but I did love how she grows and really starts to become brave and more ambitious.

The beginning started off slow for me. It took me a while to get into the book and the time aspect was a little hard to grasp. Plus, Lyra sounded so young that it was hard for me personally to connect to her until about half way through. That could also be because this is when she starts to really believe in herself.

Overall I really loved the concept however there are SO many unanswered questions about the world and what is happening on Yulin. I’m hoping in the second installment a lot of these get answered! Cannot wait to see what the next book holds.

– 4 out of 5 splatters –

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