Review – Bloodleaf by: Crystal Smith

Synopsis: Aurelia is a princess, but they call her a witch.
Surrounded by spirits and burdened with forbidden magic, she lives in constant fear of discovery by the witch-hunting Tribunal and their bloodthirsty mobs. When a devastating assassination attempt reveals her magical abilities, Aurelia is forced to flee her country with nothing but her life.
Alone and adrift in an enemy kingdom, Aurelia plans her revenge against the Tribunal, desperate to bring down the dark organization that has wrought terror upon her people for hundreds of years. But there’s something deeply amiss in her new home, too, and soon she finds herself swept into a deadly new mystery with a secretive prince, the ghost of an ancient queen, and a poison vine called Bloodleaf.
Aurelia is entangled in a centuries-long game of love, power, and war, and if she can’t break free before the Tribunal makes its last move, she may lose far more than her crown.

Such a unique and magical story. Fantasy, magic, and action-packed scenes are all so present. I was super impressed with how Bloodleaf unfolded.

Our protagonist Aurelia is so brave and has a heart of gold throughout. Definitely a character you can get behind. Plus, Zan was not a character I expected but I absolutely loved his role and what he eventually becomes to Aurelia.

The world building in this story is also fantastic. I always love an older setting with royalty and magic. There were also a couple twists I didn’t see coming until right before they were revealed. I absolutely love when an author can build a story and hold on to a surprise like that. Bloodleaf is absolutely one you want to pick up!

– 4 out of 5 splatters –

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