The Dark Heroine: Dinner With A Vampire by: Abigail Gibbs

Synopsis: For lovers of Twilight and A Discovery of Witches comes a tale about the blurred lines between family, love, and loyalty from a 17-year old Oxford-bound debut author.

Do you fear me Violet Lee?Do you know what I could do to you?

A chance encounter on a deserted street plunges Violet into a world beyond her wildest imaginings-a world of elegance and beauty where aristocratic vampires live for decadent pleasures…a place from which there is no escape…

But beneath the splendor lies a darkness, embodied in the charismatic but dangerous heir to the throne, Kaspar Varn.

As Violet and Kaspar surrender to a passion that transcends their separate worlds, they soon discover that it’s a passion that comes at a price…

Thoughts: With the mixed reviews I saw of The Dark Heroine, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Instead, I found myself immediately sucked into this dark story and world. The opening scene is frightening and the story as a whole is addicting and thrilling. I completely loved every little bit.

When we meet Kaspar, I instantly fell in love with his name. It’s sounds rich and timeless… perfect for a sexy egotistical killer. At first I admit, I thought he was rude and arrogant and I was somewhat repulsed by him. When Kaspar’s walls start to slowly break down though, I began to fall for him. Kaspar doesn’t pretend to be anything he isn’t. He’s a prince, a vampire, and a killer and doesn’t once deny it. Plus hello green emerald eyes… UNF.

With Violet, I loved her defiant attitude the most. She didn’t care if they were vampires, werewolves, or yetis… she treated them how she saw fit and constantly gave everyone a piece of her mind. I definitely felt bad for her in the beginning since she’s thrown into her fate and not nicely either. But, I completely admired her strength throughout the whole story.

I particularly liked the romance in the story. This story in no way was insta-love. Kaspar and Violet start out as enemies, as a hunter and his hostage. I adored how their relationship grew… slowly but strongly. There were so many road bumps along the way for these two and so many twists. But, overall I loved their relationship. There we’re also side characters I adored as well like Fabian and Cain.

Overall, I’m kind of shocked that the reviews I’ve seen are so mixed because I truly enjoyed this one. It’s got a little of everything in it: Sweet characters, characters you hate, suspense, romance, sexy fellas, seductiveness, and a really creative story. Then again, I’m just one opinion though but I loved it and will definitely being looking for the second one!

– 5 out of 5 Splatters –

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