Top 10 Protagonists of 2011

Okay, so this actually took some though for me. Because at first I was going to do top 10 favorite overall characters. Then, I was going to do top 10 villains (mostly for Warner) but, I couldn’t think of many sexy ones. But, a lot of those favorite from those two categories are either already on my boyfriend list or I’m going to list here. SO, in no particular order here we go..


1. Alex from Half-Blood by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
I feel like Jennifer has made every one of my lists so far, but hey… with good reason. She’s one hell of an author who writes book I fall in love with. Any who, back to Alex. Alex is the strongest of the strongest… in every way. Not only can she fight, she’s strong with her emotions, and doing things she has to do… no matter the consequences. Alex is also funny… she’ll make you laugh all the time… she’s got the spiciness you need in a protagonist. The other thing I love about Alex is that she’s not perfect, but she’s the girl who people can relate to. The girl who people want to be.
 2. Liv from Blood Bound by: Rachel Vincent

To say Liv can kick ass would be an understatement, she is one hell of a saucy girl. Liv has and will sacrifice anything she needs to for the people she cares about. She is honestly one of my favorite female leads. She’s incredibly strong, outspoken, unyielding, and impressive. I mean.. she can find you by smelling your blood!

3. Anna and Cas from Anna Dressed In Blood by: Kendare Blake

Now, I believe Cas is the protagonist in this story, but Anna plays just a big of a role. So I’m going to mention them both. Anna Dressed in Blood is one of my favorite books. Cas hunts ghosts… I couldn’t do that if my life depended on it!! But, Cas is sexy… and he knows it. But, it’s hot on him. He also protects what’s left of his family and he loves harder than most. Then there’s Anna, who wants to be good, but has had a horrible past which keeps her locked in constant torture. Together, these two fight to free each other and they both are beautiful protagonists in the story.


4. June from Legend by: Marie Lu

June was a different kind of love for me. At first, I didn’t want to forgive her. But then, the more I read… I more I loved her. And I love characters like that… where you grow you love them. June is this child prodigy who has lost her whole family. She’s has strength most teenagers could never imagine. June kicks some major ass and even risks her life multiple times. Not only that, but at one point she’s asks to completely go against everything she’s ever known and you know what, she trusts the people she loves and she does it… and that takes major heart.


5. Archer from Hushed by: Kelley York

My second boy on the list! But, with very good reason. Firstly, his name is hot. I like his quietness. His disturbedness… because when you crack that open you find one very interesting person. Archer is the type of guy who would do absolutely ANYTHING for the people who he loves… even kill. Yet, when he opens his heart to you, you can see he has a huge one and he will love you with all he’s got. Archer had such a voice throughout his story… and it’s one that will stick with me for a long time.


 6. Clary from The Mortal Instruments by: Cassandra Clare

 YUP. I put her on here. I had to. This was the first series I ever fell in love with, so it’ll always have a place in my heart and Clary is one hell of a protagonist. Clary’s love for her family is worth all the pennies. Everything spirals for her because she wants to find her mom. Clary loves with her whole heart and fights when she has to. She’s constantly hit with obstacle after obstacle and still somehow comes out on top.


 7. Tris from Divergent by: Veronica Roth

 Tris is the role model for “Brave protagonist”. I mean SIX fears… completely goes against everything she’s known and taught. Had deadly training. Fights her a$$ off. She loses her family yet still carries on. She believes in herself and that’s one of the most important aspects. I love Tris’s whole story and I am DYING for Insurgent so I can read more about her.


 8. Rhine from Wither by: Lauren DeStefano

 I was debating on whether Rhine would make the list or not… but I loved the book way too much to not put her on here. Rhine, firstly has the most gorgeous & unique name ever. Next Rhine always, ALWAYS stays true to herself and who she is. No matter what horrible situation she’s thrown into… and she’s thrown into a lot… she always does what’s best for her. She always does what is right and follows her heart. And I love her for it.


 9. Dez from Touch by: Jus Accardo

There’s was no, possible way that Dez wasn’t making this list. She’s one of my favorites. She’s not your typical female role, and it’s a fact I love about her. She has blonde hair with black streaks, face piercings, she parties, acts out, she’s funny and strong-willed, and so bad-ass. Also, all her best friends seem to be guys, which I LOVE because I can relate to that. Dez has to leave home and go against all she’s known and become this clever strong person, and I love her for it.


10. Meghan from The Iron Fey Series by: Julie Kagawa

Yes, my final protag is Meghan. Meghan is the all-around protagonist. She’s beautiful, strong, caring, fights, is stubborn, loves whole-hardheartedly, and doesn’t give up. Meghan does everything for her family, especially her brother. And when needed, Meghan makes the ultimate sacrifice of leaving everything and everyone she knows and loves. That takes major balls… I’m not sure I’d be able to do it! But, Meghan does.


This honestly was almost has hard as picking my top 10 boyfriends! So… of course there are some protags who were SO close to making my list and they were…

– Juliette from Shatter Me

– Ellie from Angelfire

– Tess from Fateful

– Trella from Inside Out

– Kaylee from The Soul Screamers

– Charlie from The Pledge

– Katy from Obsidian

– Rogan from Slumber

I wished I could have added the rest of you. Just know I love you the same as the others but… some rules made me limit my list…. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Protagonists of 2011

  1. I adored Anna! She was amazing and so different from any character I've read about. She could split you in half one second or sacrifice it all for you in the next lolTris is another favorite of mine – I still have to read your other selections.


  2. Liv, Tris, Ellie and Kay are some of my favorite heroines! (Even though I picked Kay as one of the most annoying heroines today, as well XD) I love your list and how you explain why you chose them, bc even if I can't agree, I still see your point. Most people just had a list and that was it. ;( (My curious nature did not approve LOL)And oh, the evil rules that made us all limit our lists. Be gone already!Patricia


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