Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011


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Picking just 10 favorite boys?! THE EFF. How is THAT possible? I’ll tell you it’s not. It was a painful process to narrow this down. So in no particular order.. my top 10 boyfriends of 2011.

1. Will from Angelfire by: Courtney Allison Moulton


Will. With his perfect green eyes, is just all around amazing. The way he can fight, the fact that he has given up everything and would do anything for Ellie never fails to amaze me. He’s sexy. He’s strong. Everything he does just steals my heart.
2. Aiden from Half-Blood by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Aiden. Where do I even begin? Aiden has quickly moved his way to being one of my all-time favorite book boys. I love the fact that he’s older (he’s 20 in Half-Blood). He has these stormy grey eyes. He’s had a rough past, yet he’s so compassionate and strong. The way he cares for Alex and respects her is like no other. And he can literally control FIRE… hot huh? PLUS… he plays guitar = instant win! I love him too much.

3. Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by: Michelle Hodkin

Noah. Noah Shaw… where do I even begin? I adore his unkemptness. The way his eyes devour Mara. His necklace. His ability. His family. The fact that he’s English. His personality. I’m not sure there’s much I don’t like about Noah. There’s just something about him you cannot help but fall for.
4. Cassian from Vanish by: Sophie Jordan

Cassian. I have to admit, I liked Cassian in Firelight but I was still Team Will. After reading Vanish, I still love Will but I am now team Cassian. I love his protectiveness. His strength. The fact that even if its goes against everything he’s known and supposed to be, he’d still risk it for Jace. Plus he’s sexy as hell. Yeah… that’s my kind of guy.
5. Cricket from Lola And The Boy Next Door by: Stephanie Perkins

 Cricket. Oh my jesus, he is like the perfect model of what a perfect boy should be. He’s tall, sexy, smart, caring, funny, and the type of boy who’s in it for the long run. He looks past Lola’s wrongs and loves her for her. Perfect guy.
6. Four from Divergent by: Veronica Roth

Four. Oh god, where do I even begin with him? He has tattoos. Sexy ones. Meaningful ones. He only had four fears. He strength. His Sexiness. There’s just something about him that I completely fell in love with while reading. He’s intense.

7.Warner & Adam from Shatter Me by: Tahereh Mafi

Warner and Adam. There was no way I could pick just one of them. They’re kind of a combo pack with me. Adam is the all-around tough, yet sweet I’ll sacrifice anything for you type of guy with gorgeous blue eyes. While Warner is the green-eyed (SWOON) sexy, controlling villain that I just FALL in love with. WILD FOR WARNER! 😉

8. Kale from Touch by: Jus Accardo

 Kale. OH KALE. You CUTIE SEXY THING YOU. His piercing blue eyes, his sexy body, UNF. CHEESE STICKS! I adore Kale. The way he has this deadly touch, yet he’s so fragile. Watching him experience everything for the first time just makes you fall in love with him.

9. Tod from If I Die by: Rachel K. Vincent

  Tod. Tod is another all-around perfect boyfriend. He’s funny, blonde, beautiful, down to earth, completely caring, looks out for Kaylee in every way. He’s sacrificing… UNF just cannot get enough of him!

10. Alex from Hunting Lila by: Sarah Alderson

Alex. You…. you blonde, build, older, protective, sexy boy who rides a red bike. Can I haz you? He is most definitely a new favorite boy of mine. His heart and mind are always in the right place. Alex is smart and strong and I absolutely love him!

NOW.. it was NOT easy to do that. So the boys from these book get HONORABLE SEXY MENTIONS…
Daemon Black from Obsidian, Lochan from Forbidden, Aiden from Haven, Evan from Hushed, Will from Clockwork Angel, Lucas from Afterlife, and Lazlo from Hollowland.

 GOD. Even narrowing down the honorable mentions SUCKED. I wanted to add more.

Anywho, I love my book boyfriend… not sure what I’d do without them! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

  1. AHH #6! OMG #9!! SQUEE #10! *SWOONS* #7! *DROOLS* #4!! OMG Jena! This post is fan-fucking-tastic! Pretty sure i've had about seventeen fictional boygasms! UNFFF!! Dude. I am going to stare at this post for days….so….if i don't respond to you…this is where i am. *Licks screen*


  2. I love your post! You have pics. Love, love it! So this is how the famous Tod is supposed to look huh? Me likes!! No wonder everyone is gaga about him. I still haven't read that series. I have only read Lola and Shatter Me and your pic. for Warner is perfect!! Same for Cricket (he is working out! lol) I need to read Mara Dyer if this is how Noah looks…whoa! Same with Hunting Lila…Jensen oh Jensen. yumm-y! I'm drooling over here so I better stop writing this long-never ending comment.


  3. I love your list even though I don't know most of your book boyfriends. You made me want to read all those books. I wanted to do this list but the only guy I could come up with was Four. Now I'm kicking myself. How could I forget Tod!!! He's like my favorite guy ever. *sigh


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