Splash Into Summer Giveaway WINNERS!

So firstly, I’d like to give a huge thanks to I am a Reader, Not a Writer && Page Turners Blog for hosting this awesome giveaway hop!

Next, I cannot believe all the entries for this contest! You all are AWESOME. Huge, huge, thank you! See, normally I make a cute little video, and draw a number out of hat, but because of the HUGE amount of entries, I’ve decided just to use random.org this time!

You’re all thinking okay, shut up and tell us who the winner is. I mean, I’m sure some skipped over this entirely and just went to see the winner. What if I posted some secret awesome thing here? You’d never know and miss it! Hahahah okay, I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Here are your winners!! 🙂

Opps, I lied…

Breakdown real quick.
– If you entered (+1)
– If you follow me (+1)
– If you tweeted, fb, goodreads, blog, etc. (+1 for each)

With all the extra entries, there was a total of 397 entries!!! O_O … I’m blown away! You all are awesome!

* ALSO * If you mentioned about the “follower” thing being down, I gave you an extra entry anyway because I know blogger was being a butt. 🙂 So no worries!

Without further adeiu…

(Signed copies of Shade & Shift + Signed Swag + itunes)

199. Amanda Mitchell

Second & Third Place Winners
(Copy of Shade + Signed Swag)

9. Melannie Lara (FATE!!! haha)
44. Sammie Spencer

Congrats to the winners!! 🙂 If you won, I have e-mailed you. I know summer is vacation times so, you all have until MONDAY the 6th to respond. If I do not hear from you by Monday, I will chose another winner.

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who entered! I really like giveaways, so check back often! 🙂 And it’s now JUNE so enjoy your summers!!! 😀

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30. Boy mom. Book lover. Fitness junkie. Shopaholic.

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