New Covers (WoW)

So Julie Kagawa and Leah Clifford revealed new book covers today!! And let me tell you they are GORGEOUS.

Julie Kagawa – The Iron Knight

Can you say, HOLY MOLY SEX-POT, ICY, EYES, LIPS, GORGEOUSNESS?! I am in LOVE with this cover. I have to agree with Julie in saying it is my FAVORITE cover in the series so far. I just want to hang it next to my bed and look at it all the time!! LOL. I’m just… *happy sigh*. Now I have to wait for the book… ugh October ugh. *Goes back to staring at the gorgeous cover* 🙂

Leah Clifford – A Touch Morbid

Yep! That’s a NEW title!! She revealed it along with the cover! Sounds like it’ll be much darker than the first huh? I’m super excited to read A Touch Morbid. I’m still hoping Adam will appear some how hahah! I loved him. ANYWHO — The COVER! What is it with these cover’s LIPS?! Her’s look stunning too! The purple on the lips and eyes are gorgeous! Gorgeous cover!

So what do ya all think?? 🙂

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One thought on “New Covers (WoW)

  1. I looooooooooooove the cover for The Iron Knight. I haven't read any of the books in the series but I've heard so much good stuff about it that I bought the 1st three books last spring. Hopefully I'll read them this summer (:I kind of like the cover for A touch mortal more, but this one is def interesting too.


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