Book Highlight: Lost and Found

Title: Lost and FoundAuthor: Lorhainne EckhartGenre: Romantic Suspense A hit and run, a deserted country road—a parent’s worst nightmare. On a warm fall morning in Gardiner, Washington, Richard and Maggie celebrate happy couple Sam and Marcie’s return. What happens next changes their lives forever: After a hit and run on a deserted country road, RichardContinue reading “Book Highlight: Lost and Found”

Book Highlight: The Wedding

The Wedding by Lorhainne EckhartGenre: Adult Romance A man who’s always planned everything, and a woman who’s struggled alone—The Wedding will change their lives forever. Candy McCrae has everything she could ever want, and she’s about to marry the one man she’s always loved. He has money, he’s powerful, he’s drop-dead gorgeous, and he hasContinue reading “Book Highlight: The Wedding”