Firelight Trailer

The Firelight Trailer was posted by Harperteen yesterday! I can’t wait for this book! The reviews coming out have been awesome! Here’s the trailer: Synopsis posted by Harperteen: A hidden truth. Mortal enemies. Doomed love. Marked as special at an early age, Jacinda knows her every move is watched. But she longs for freedom toContinue reading “Firelight Trailer”

Choose your genre giveaway! (not mine)

Over at BOOKS OBSESSION blog, she’s giving away FOUR prize packs to four DIFFERENT winners! So your chances of winning are even better! The genres include: Paranormal, Romance, Historical Fiction, and Suspense! Each prize pack comes with books and swag! So hurry up and go enter! Contest ends AUG 22nd. Click HERE. 🙂 Goodluck everyone!Continue reading “Choose your genre giveaway! (not mine)”

My thoughts on: Raised By Wolves

I have to give it to Jennifer Lynn Barnes for this book being completely unique. I haven’t read much like the story line in this book. Yes the typical folklore is there, but Bryn, being a human raised by wolves was completely unique. Bryn, is a human who is literally raised by wolves after herContinue reading “My thoughts on: Raised By Wolves”

My thoughts on The Iron Daughter

Where do I even start? I absolutely LOVED this book. It, by all means, held up to the standard of the first. From the terrifying, freezing first pages to the heartbreaking, wonderful last pages it held my attention the entire time. I loved seeing the Winter Court and all the characters that came along withContinue reading “My thoughts on The Iron Daughter”