My thoughts on: Raised By Wolves

I have to give it to Jennifer Lynn Barnes for this book being completely unique. I haven’t read much like the story line in this book. Yes the typical folklore is there, but Bryn, being a human raised by wolves was completely unique.

Bryn, is a human who is literally raised by wolves after her parents were killed by a rabid wolf. She lives her life attached to their Pack and their bonds. After she discovers a new wolf, Chase, things start to unravel and the adventure begins.

This story defiantly kept me interested with all the different types of characters. Bryn was rediculously strong and never gave up and I really admired that about her. I also really liked Callum and her best friend Devon. I really, really wanted to fall in love with Chase but he just seemed a little under-developed for me. He almost didn’t speak enough. Though, dark hair and light blue eyes… hot! And he defiantly pulled at my heart strings for some parts, I felt so bad for him.

I did, however, enjoy the plot. I thought it was a great story line. It showed how strong you can really be, and to believe in that strength. It was a bit predictable. When I say that, I mean I wasn’t too surprised at all about what happened. But, that being said I still enjoyed it. If something is predictable it never means that I don’t enjoy it, because I liked this book and I did enjoy it. I did though, wish there was a little more romance in this book.. there seemed not to be enough for me. Which I actually had a question about…

****SEMI-SPOILERY (I’m going to quote a line from the book)****
At one part when Chase and Bryn are talking about what he used to love, he says “Before, I loved cars, Yeats, having a bedroom that locked from the inside, and you.” Now, Bryn wonders how could he possible love her before he knew her, but it is never really answered. My guess is that he saw her in the Rabid’s head before he met her. I’m not sure though, and I hope to see it answered in the second book.

I enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the next, “Trial By Fire”. The ending of Raised By Wolves is set up perfectly for a sequel and I really liked how it ended. If you are a werewolf kind-of-girl, then I defiantly suggest picking up this book!

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