Review – Dragon’s Gift: The Dark Fae Series by: Linsey Hall

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Overall: I truly enjoyed this world and the literal trials that Tarron and Mari have to endure throughout their journey.

Trail By Fae: Though I felt some parts could have been drawn out more, I kept wanting to know what came next. There was a ton of excitement and “oh crap” moments that kept you hanging on. It’s a very dark world that Mari lives in and I was living for it.

Heir of the Fae: I really like Tarron and Mari’s journey in this one. Figuring out who she was and growing together.  There was great energy and conflict in this second book and excited to see where it goes. 

Queen of the Fae: I was not expecting the twist at the end, it was a pleasant surprise!  I really liked how Mari & Tarron’s relationship grows and becomes something real in this installment. Throughout the whole series so far, I have been routing for them!! I also really liked that we also get to see more of the friends like Claire and Connor!

Spirit of the Fae: Best of the books so far! I love the journey that Mari and Tarron experience in this one and all of the trials they need to face. It was super exciting.  Cannot wait to see how it ends!!

Rise of the Fae: Loved how this story came to a conclusion. Mari and Tarron prove their strength with a whirlwind of an ending. Such an amazing wrap-up to the series.

– 4 out of 5 Splatters –

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