Review – Losing Enough by: Helen Boswell

When Alexis Lin heads to Sin City for the summer, she wants nothing more than to dive into the clubs, spas, and concerts – the benefits of her father’s high roller lifestyle. On her first night in the city, Alexis gets into trouble at a club but walks away from it with the help of Connor Vincent. Private security guard to the top gamblers, Connor is all charm with his clients, but he’s the anti-Prince Charming when it comes to women. Connor doesn’t have time for romance. He has his own problems to deal with, including his wild card of a brother who has come to town to collect on a past debt.

Alexis and Connor’s unlikely chemistry heats things up as chance again conspires to throw them together. The stakes become even higher when unexpected tragedy strikes Alexis’ family and when Connor’s brother threatens to ruin the life that Connor has worked so hard to build. To come out ahead of the game, Alexis must be brave enough to listen to her heart, Connor must finally face up to his past, and both must decide how much they’re willing to lose.

Sometimes risking your heart is the biggest gamble of all.


Exciting, thrilling and sexy, Losing Enough is a new adult with some high stakes drama, and I loved it! Can I also just mention the cover? That cover is hot, and that man is phew sexy. If Connor looks anything like him…I’m all in.

With Alex, I adore her outgoing confidence that is never over the top. She knows what she wants and she’s never afraid to say or do it. I like how she likes to let loose and have fun yet is also a big family girl. Family is always an important part of my life and I love to see main characters that have the same quality.

With Connor… Unf, unf, and more unf! When we first meet him, he’s definitely comes off as confident and kind of a jerk. But, hey if you kept yourself closed off to everyone and everything for so long, you’d probably be that way too. I love watching him slowly change and become the sexy fella he is. Plus the blue eyes…total killer. I loved him and Alex together, they were just so perfect for each other.

Overall, I really liked this book. I liked the fact that is mixes sexiness with suspense, it made me like the story that much more.  Losing Enough covered everything I look for in a new adult book and I truly enjoyed it!

– 4 out of 5 splatters – 

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