Review – Escaped Artist by: Jinsey Reece and Victoria Green

Dare Wilde is out. The McKinley family has ruined his relationship with Reagan for the last time. He’s in Amsterdam, staying with his rock star brother Dash, ready to move on with his life and get Ree out of his head.

Finally, and for good. Problem is, he loves her.
So when fate leads Reagan to his door again, the two must decide whether their new-found love is worth the risk. Because two fractured parts can’t make a whole, and they must face the demons of Reagan’s past if they are to have a future together.

A muse and her artist. A star-crossed love.

Will the past catch up to them…or have they finally escaped?


It never fails that once I pick up one of these amazing novellas, I simply can’t put it down. I read walking around the store, I read at lunch, I read on the toilet (did I just admit that?)…I mean unputdownable! Escaped Artist just made me all sorts of happy. With the third book in the series, it continually gets hot and I absolutely love this “wilde” ride!

“You’re not a mess,” I pressed my lips to her forehead. “You’re my other half.”

With Dare and Reagan, I couldn’t have been happier with this this installment and where they’ve ended up. They’ve been put through hell and back and unfortunately even though that hasn’t ended yet, they keep getting stronger and stronger and I adore seeing that. They truly are each other’s strength and happiness and I can only hope for more from them.

Synner…mother humping British, green eyes, shaggy hair, tattoo, rock God. I heart him to bunches, even if he is a man whore. I just loved getting to know Dash’s band as a whole though, too. Indie is a little pistol and I adored her and every scene she was screaming in, ha! And, shout out to Leo and all his running…I totally can relate!

I really hate girls that I have to hate. They put my anger at all time highs haha. I will say though, I’m so happy I only had to pull the jealousy card out a little. I’m also extremely happy that Jinsey and Victoria decided to make book three take a different type of thrill route. Even though that ending broke my heart a little, and just like the first two books, is making me die for book four! Totally loved every moment, and if you haven’t started this series…you have to! If you’ve read the first two, well what are you waiting for jump on and grab book three! Escaped Artist is just an amazing, amazing book number three in this series, and I NEEEEED more!

Ps. I have to shout out to Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green real quick. Thank you so much for allowing me to read and review these books as a beta. I have just been blown away by these amazing novellas. You two are killing it, and I’m honored, as a beta, to go on this journey with Dare and Ree.

– 5 out of 5 Splatters –

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