EXCLUSIVE CONTENT + Giveaway: Of River and Raynn

     I hate being away from the city. I know some would say they miss the noise or the way downtown never shuts off, but not me. New York is always a cacophony of sounds and lights and entertainment. While I do miss those things, for me it is deeper and full of primal needs that I wish I could explain.

     Empty holes, as Jade would say.

     Empty holes or not, the need I have for her makes me feel weak. I hate the feeling. I have trained too long to feel helpless beneath her. To feel weak.

     I’ll be flying back home in the next few days, and although London has been productive, the job should be done by tonight. I’ll be glad to get back to the lights and my apartment in Manhattan. It’s been too long. I need to get back to the search and my attempt to quench the somewhat desperate need to find her, even though I am afraid to. For, if I find her, that means my side of the deal must be paid.

     But I can’t stop looking, either; not while my blood is calling for hers.




Follow River and Raynn on their journey!
Author Rebecca Ethington is giving away an Of River and Raynn Prize Pack, which includes an advanced copy of the book, t-shirt, and an all expense meet & greet paid trip with the cast.
How awesome? All you have to do is join the fun!
Rebecca Ethington has blended the line between reality and fiction with her groundbreaking project – Of River and Raynn. Follow the characters online and watch the story unfold with live action video and journals entries that take the characters off the page and make it real. #RiverandRaynn
This giveaway is open international. Yes, we said international. :0) Must be 18 or older.
Make sure to check back all summer long for new ways to enter and win!

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