Review – Forbidden by: Lori Adams

Lori Adams gives New Adult a haunting paranormal twist with the first novel of The Soulkeepers, a series that blends ancient legends and new myths with an enchanting mix of thrills, humor, and high drama.

When Sophia St. James learns that she’ll be moving from Los Angeles to a podunk town somewhere in Connecticut for her senior year of high school, she isn’t expecting an otherworldly encounter. But there is more to Haven Hurst than meets the eye: it’s home to a family of Guardian Angels, and she is the only one who can see them in spirit form. Sophia soon realizes she wants to see much more of Michael, an irresistible yet volatile Guardian who seems drawn to her too.

As Michael battles his forbidden desire for the beautiful young newcomer, one of Hell’s most notorious Demon Knights arrives. Handsome and charismatic, Dante has come to claim the reincarnated soul of his lost lover trapped in Sophia. Cursed with the demon of Persuasion living inside him, Dante will use his seductive charms to lure Sophia into a dangerous game that ends with the kiss of death—unless Michael, who has captured Sophia’s heart, can now capture her soul.


First off, huge thank you to Dee from Good Choice Reading for suggestion this book because I absolutely loved it! For this book being 432 pages long, it didn’t feel like it at all to me. Once I got a few chapters in, I could not put it down! It’s one of those books where it has a little of everything and an ending I was slightly surprised at. Just loved Forbidden!

Sophie made me laugh a lot because she is so stubborn and so suspicious of everything. I really enjoyed following her through this book as she deals with Michael, Dante, her father, and herself.

With Michael, I loved him right away and his brothers. Yeah he’s quite a grouch to start, but has good reason. He’s also gorgeous with his perfect body, blonde locks, and baby blues. You can see that Michael is an all around good guy… then again why wouldn’t he be? On the other side, literally, is Dante. Both boys are hot as hell, and Dante has the dark hair and green eyes (killer for me!). As much as Dante is “bad” I couldn’t hate him because everything he does, he does for Sophia.

With this book, I actually feel like it is more YA than NA. Maybe in future books it’ll seem more NA, though not sure. The reason I say that is because the main character is in high school and there isn’t any real raunchy scenes, so don’t let the NA classification scare you away. Also, were there similarities to other books, sure, but once I got into this book I couldn’t put it down. I loved following Sophia and Michael and that’s what ultimately matters to me, a story that you cannot put down and enjoy reading. I also liked the feel of darkness this book kind of has, it helped draw me in. Overall I really enjoyed Forbidden and will be on the look out for the next book!

– 4 out of 5 Splatters –

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