3rd Annual SS Holiday Hunt!

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Tomorrow… it will begin again!

Hi Lovelies! So for the past two years I’ve done what I have called my “SS Holiday Hunt” (yes hashtag that ish!). When I first did it two years ago, I was super nervous and was afraid no one would participate and thing it was a dumbest thing… but I was so wrong!! Everyone seemed to love it and I absolutely loved meeting all the new bloggers, followers, authors, etc. that participated! I always try to get feed back from it as well and all the feedback has seem to be nothing but positive!   I know this year I have kind of fallen off the face of the earth at times… but I still absolutely love blogging and reading and I promise you I am still here! And of course the holiday season is the time to give… so this is my week to give back to you all for always being there for me! So… lets have some fun!!! 🙂
– Details –
They will basically be the same as past two years. 🙂

WHO: Well me of course. I’m giving away to all you lovely people! 🙂

WHAT: Now, this is what makes this “hunt” so epic. On EACH day, I’m going to post a new giveaway. That means there will be SEVEN giveaways total! BUT, each giveaway will only last for 24 hours (12am EST – 11:59pm EST). So, if you want to enter each one, you’re going to have to become a Shortie Says stalker! Also, I cannot tell you what I’m giving away each day, well because then you’d know where to find them (and this is a hunt)! But they will be things like a series, gift cards, ARCs, favorite books, book of choice, etc.

WHEN: Starting on Christmas (Wednesday, December 25th) until New Years Eve (Tuesday, December 31st). So it’s going to last for a whole week!!

WHERE: Here’s the tricky part or fun part depending on how you see it! Each giveaway is going to be scattered throughout my blog. Which means you’re going to have to search for it! It may be in a review, a post on its own (if you’re lucky), on my sidebar, on one of the pages, but it will be up to you to search for it!!! 

Now, I’m not totally evil ;)… so I’m going to give you hints to where they will be hiding. Each day if you come back to THIS post, I will have a hint posted below (titled Hints… clever huh?) BUT also… if you follow me on twitter (@Jenababy13), I will be giving more hints through out the day as to where you can find the giveaway. (Follow the hashtag: #SSHolidayHunt)

WHY: Well, because I CAN! Haha, that and because I love my followers. Especially the ones who continuously come back, comment, check my blog often… you are the best! Plus, it’s the giving season! You always give around holidays, so I’m giving to all of you! 🙂

Winners: Each winner will be posted the next day towards the bottom of this post. Also, I will e-mail all the winners regardless. 


– Rules –
– There will be one winner per giveaway. Seven winners total.
– Each giveaway will last 24 hours and will end each night @ 11:59pm EST.
– All giveaways are International.
– Winners will be chosen randomly.
– Each giveaway will have it’s own ways to gain entries. Please read them carefully.
– If you have any other questions please see my Giveaway Policy. Or you can e-mail me.
– Hints –
Here’s a big hint to start – When looking for the giveaway, look for the Holiday Hunt Avatar. When you find it, you’ll see something along the lines of “Congratulations! You’ve found today’s Holiday Hunt Giveaway! Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win… (whatever the giveaway is).” Sound good?!
Wednesday, Dec 25th – “Merry Christmas!”

Thursday, Dec 26th – “You can’t even see it. I’m the safest thing you’ll ever find.” 

Friday, Dec 27th –  11:11am

Saturday, Dec 28th –  The picture below is the hint.

Sunday, Dec 29th – He only has four fears.

Monday, Dec 30th – Easy Peasy 🙂

Tuesday, Dec 31st – Thank you.
Because I love this picture so much, I’m posting it another year… my hint to my fictional characters 😉
– Winners –

* Keep in mind that even if I announce that you have won, I may not e-mail you right away. But, you will receive an e-mail from me soon!* 

PS.  If any one has an issue with me posting their name here, please comment/e-mail and let me know.

Wednesday, Dec 25th – Richa Parande (Won: Book of Choice)

Thursday, Dec 26th – Kimberley S (Won: ARC of UNINVITED by Sophie Jordan)

Friday, Dec 27th – Ana Lucia (Won: $15 Amazon or BN Gift Card)

Saturday, Dec 28th – Ashfa Anwer (Won: Signed Origin and Sentinel)

Sunday, Dec 29th – Annaiss (Won: Audio book of Allegiant)

Monday, Dec 30th – Erica (Won: SHP Bag + Signed Frigid + Swag)

Tuesday, Dec 31st – Amelia Neo (Won: Book Of Pre-order choice Jan – April 2014)


Thank you all for participating and I hope this year is just as awesome as the past few have been! Good luck!! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “3rd Annual SS Holiday Hunt!

  1. So far it's really great, Congrats to all winners. i just can't forgive myself for missing to enter yesterday when it was a prize i really REALLY needed^^. i must do better for today and the two last day but really thank you for this event


  2. You really do wonders with your choice of prize^^ i'm sure a lot of us is salivating as soon as we find the icon^^ i know it takes a lot of time to do that so thank you so much for making this christmas time even more magical^^ and who knows^^ after 3 years i will perhaps finally win but the hunt is really a good one anyway^^


  3. What?!! I won?? OMG yay!!!!! hahaha, SWEET!!! Thank you!!! I have to agree with Miki, I'm sure it takes a lot of time but it's a freakin' awesome thing you do so thank you very much for your effort 🙂 I mean it, you know I love you and your blog so…. ;-)I have so much fun hunting for the icon and challenging myself lol even if I don't win or something it's still super fun 😀 <333


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