Authors Are Rockstars: Heather Anastasiu

If you’ve been by my blog recently you know I’ve had a hard time being on the internet as much as I used to. Dealing with personal matters is never quite as fun as all the drama on TV makes them look… I promise. I’ve just kind of been avoiding everything. But, alas I am hopping out of my hole to talk about one lovely author today and that lovely author is none other than Heather Anastasiu.
If I think back, I think the first time I really heard of Heather’s books was when I got an e-mail to be apart of the “Glitch” blog tour. As soon as I saw the cover I was literally like “DANG I HAVE TO BE APART OF THAT”. The cover was purple and glowing and beautiful and I was so intrigued that I just couldn’t resist! I’m so glad I didn’t resist either, because I instantly fell in love with the series and the characters. I just HAD to have the next one, so when I got another invite for the second book in the series, Override, well I jumped on it.
I came to find that Override blew me even more away than the first book in the series. That I just became that more in love and invested in the world I first fell in love with. But, also with the Override tour I got to interview Heather. I feel like with every blog tour I’ve done with Heather (including this one) she seems so willing to do whatever. So awesome when working with the tour hosts, and that (I know) is always SO appreciated as a blogger. Any who, during my interview (which you can find here) with Heather I found that we have a few things in common we both LOVE music (heck to that yeah) and that we both love Ariel (The Little Mermaid, duh!). So of course Heather scored major awesome-sauce points with me there! Music and disney awesome queens FTW.
Though I was invited to the Shutdown tour (you know, the final book in the series I was eagerly, I mean dying, waiting for), that was around the time I started to slowly become a failure in the blogging world. I still absolutely love this series and Heather. I’m finally (kind-of) reading all the time again and believe me when I say Shutdown is high up on my TBR list because I NEED to know how it ends. Then I will most likely fall into that sad-I-don’t-want-this-series-to-end-why-the-heck-did-I-finish-it book sadness that we all experience when we end a series we love.
Overall, I hope I did Heather justice in this post because I think Heather Anastasiu is a fantastic author all around: writing wise and person wise plus I mean she has the most awesome color hair EVER. I’m extremely happy she made it onto the rockstar list because she SO deserves it. I hope we get lots more amazing books out of her and if you haven’t read the “Glitch” series well GO GET ‘EM! I loved them and I’m sure you all will too!
– The Interview –
– What are you working on now that the Glitch series is finished?
I’m working on a couple things. I’ve finished a contemporary horror romance novel that has Beauty and the Beast vibes, that hopefully I’ll have more news on soon. And I have a couple other ideas on the burners that are still in the developmental stage.
SS: Horror? Romance? Beauty and the Beast? All in the same sentence?! WIN WIN!!
– Who was the one character that you had the hardest time saying goodbye to?
Probably Adrien. I sure put him through the wringer in this series, and by the end, he’d grown and changed so much and I still want to give him a giant hug.
SS: OH MY ADRIEN. *hugs and squeezes him*
– When you’re not writing what do you do in your free time?
READ. Seriously. All I do is read. It’s just been a freak trend this year, I barely watch TV, I just sit down for hours every evening and read. Yes, thus is the extravagant and glittering lifestyle of being a writer in the off hours. Me, the couch, and a good book! Oh and I like country drives. It’s scintillating stuff, people.
– Who are some authors you consider Rockstars?
Ooo, so many! Top contenders are Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan. I always have to devour every book each of them writes as soon as it comes out. Lately I’ve also been really digging Jennifer Donneally’s historical fiction and also Colleen Hoover’s NA stuff.
SS: Thanks so much for stopping by, Heather!! 🙂

– The Author – 

Heather Anastasiu grew up in Texas and recently moved to Minneapolis with her family. When she’s not busy getting lost exploring the new city, she spends most days writing at a café or daydreaming about getting a new tattoo.

– The Books –

Clicking the cover will take you to their Goodreads page!

Check out my reviews of GLITCH And OVERRIDE!

– The Giveaway –

Because I really love this series I’m going to giveaway one eBook copy of GLITCH (book #1 in the series). If you have already read GLITCH and you’d rather have Override or Shutdown, I’m okay with that too. Just let me know what one book you haven’t read yet!

– The only requirement is only enter if you can accept books from Amazon or BN, because I will be gifting the book from one of those two websites if you win.

Good luck!

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  1. I haven't read the series yet but am dying to. My library won't order them and I don't have the money to buy them along with all the new releases. They look so good though! I heard of Glitch when it was first announced and have wanted to read it since.


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