Emblaze by: Jessica Shirvington

Synopsis: Once again Violet Eden faces an impossible choice … and the consequences are unimaginable.

Violet has come to terms with the fact that being part angel, part human, means her life will never be as it was.

Now Violet has something Phoenix – the exiled angel who betrayed her – will do anything for, and she has no intention of letting it fall into his hands. The only problem is that he has something she needs too.

Not afraid to raise the stakes, Phoenix seemingly holds all the power, always one step ahead. And when he puts the final pieces of the prophecy together, it doesn’t take him long to realise exactly who he needs in order to open the gates of Hell.

With the help of surprising new allies, ancient prophecies are deciphered, a destination set and, after a shattering confrontation with her father, Violet leaves for the islands of Greece without knowing if she will have a home to return to…

Thoughts: I cannot praise this series enough. The Embrace series has easily become one of my favorite series. Each book is so gripping and so heart-pounding. They’re the type of books where you literally get lost in them and simply cannot put them down. Emblaze is no different, it’s fast-paced, thrilling, exciting, and all-around amazing set of characters, perfectly written, and well this one actually left my heart slightly intact at the end.

I ship Linc and Violet so hard that it hurts my heart. These two are not only soul mates, but they are so meant to be together that my heart wants to burst every time they’re together. It doesn’t matter if they’re ignoring each other, yelling at each other, staring into each other’s eyes, or saving one another… I can never get enough of them. My heart swells and breaks every time. If they don’t end up happily ever after, after all the crap they’ve been through… it just wouldn’t be right. Yet again the world never is fair… BUT THEY MUST end up together. They are one of the most perfect couples to me.

Other than my amazing ship pair, I absolutely love all these characters in this series. Spencer and Steph being two of my favorites. I love their ease in every conversation. The way they can make you laugh and always have your back. Then there is Griffin who is yet another character I desperately want a happily ever after for.  He always has his head on right, and he’s such a good guy. With all these lovely, happy characters I must flip to the dark side and mention Phoenix. From book one I’ve understood Phoenix. The demons he keeps locked inside, the feeling to be loved and accepted. He’s one of those dark characters that no matter what he does I still end of loving him. Do I want him to have Violet? Heck no. But, do I hope he sees the light and becomes the exile I know he can be? Of course I do.

Breaking hearts, amping up the romance and heart ache, giving us laughs, thrills, and even some massive surprises… Emblaze definitely keeps the story going.  Now, I’m just dying and panting and begging for book four. With all the reviews I’ve seen of Endless though… I’m quite nervous. I have a feeling it will rip my heart out and crush it. But, alas Emblaze was absolutely amazing and this still remains one of my favorite series. Bring on the angel torture of my heart.

– 5 out of 5 Splatters –

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