Happy New Year 2013 Giveaway Hop

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope your 2012 was fantastical! And if it wasn’t… well I hope 2013 is way better!! Let the 2013 year of the books begin!!! 😀
Enter the rafflecopter for a $10 Amazon giftcard! 🙂
Ps. Come back soon I’ll be having another giveaway with 3 awesome things to giveaway!! 🙂

Published by Jena Freeth

30. Boy mom. Book lover. Fitness junkie. Shopaholic.

164 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013 Giveaway Hop

  1. My resolution as always, is to lose some weight and clean out the stacks of 'whatever' in my house. And I have lots of 'whatever'!Bonnie Hilligoss/bonhill@speakeasy.net


  2. I don't have \”resolutions\” specifically, but I do have goals: get an agent, graduate from university cum laude, land a good post-grad job, and maintain a healthy weight.


  3. My only resolution is to continue on the journey to feed my family better. This includes cutting out processed foods as well as those treated with hormones or genetically modified. Lisa Hackneyyankssssrule08 at yahoo dot com


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