YA Fest + Giveaway!

Hey all so yesterday in Easton, PA was something called YA FEST! And let me tell you it was awesome! Not only did I get to meet my favorite author (who I’ve been dying to meet!) but I got to meet other amazing authors, bloggers, and even enter raffles as well!
I loved the way it was set up. It was kind of like a non-congested free roam. You could talk to authors, take pictures, have them sign things. Plus they had SO many goodie baskets and treats! I had a lot of fun… even though driving home in a down pour was interesting… I cannot wait for next year!
– Picture Alert!
*Not all of these were taken by me*
There were two bloggers I met for the first time and I was so glad I met them! First was Vivian from Confessions of a Vi3tBabe or you may know her as the awesome girl who runs Deity Island! She also brought along her daughter Alyssa who I definitely loved just as much as her mother :).
Vivian & myself 🙂
Me & Alyssa!
The next blogger that was told SHE HAD TO FIND me (by I don’t know… some really awesome blogger who I luv so gosh darn much whose name just may be JESSIRAE) is Eileen from Singing and Reading in The Rain! I really hadn’t talked much to Eileen before YA Fest, but she is such a sweet heart and I’ll definitely be stalking her in the future :).
Myself & Eileen!
SO NEXT…. I’m going to basically GUSH on how I finally got to meet Jennifer L. Armentrout in real life. 🙂 Ever since I found out she was going to be at YA Fest, I’ve been literally counting down the days! She happened to be sitting at the very first table with none other than the lovely Marie V. Synder… so I basically bee-lined for them. If you’ve been on JLA’s live chats… she’s honestly the same awesome, funny, down-to-earth person. And, of course she had her lollipop ;). Viv, myself, and eventually Eileen basically hung at her table the entire day and it was so awesome. Seriously a dream come true. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Plus she offered to help me carry my things out to my car… IN THE RAIN. Basically best author EVER. So thank you Jennifer for an awesome day and I cannot wait to see you again at the end of August!!  And so now, I’m going to pic spam you :).
Candid #1 – Taken by Vivian
Myself & Jennifer 🙂 ….lollipop.
Maria & Jennifer!
Another Candid by Vivian – Not sure what we were talking about here… but it looks intense HAHA.
Close-up of Jennifer & I. I love this shot 🙂
Another author that I finally got to meet was Amalie Howard! The girls from Good Choice Reading and Kristi Cook always go out with her and she’s always in the area and I’ve never got to meet her! But, Amalie is awesome! She’s another down-to-earth yet funny author. Was so happy I finally got to meet her!
Amalie and I 🙂 – Another shot I love!
Amalie, Jen, and I – take 1 !

Amalie, Jen, and I – Take 2 !
Brigid Kemmerer, Cesya MaRae Cuono and Elisa Ludwig are in this shot 🙂
Michelle Zink, Jon Skovron, and Anne Greenwood Brown!
Now the awesome gift baskets I won from YA Fest – Thank you to the hosts, authors, and publishers for these!!
So basically, I bombarded Jennifer with books to sign. I don’t know… probably because I’m some crazy fan or something odd ;). And I obviously need to go on a JLA book buying ban…. or not :D. So here’s what’s up for grabs…
1) One winner will win signed copies of Half-Blood and Pure + Swag.
2) One winner will win a signed copy of Obsidian + Swag.
Good luck! 🙂

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37 thoughts on “YA Fest + Giveaway!

  1. Jennifer Armentrout is so freaking amazing. I love her books. I wanna meet her!!! I also love pictures, so of course, I enjoyed your blog post!


  2. She seems really kind and don't exclue the international participants from her contest ( or at least that really rare) and i love her lux seriesi'm really happy you got to go at an event like these, it seem wonderful


  3. I wish I was in the event. :< Looks like it's packed with fun!!I love Jennifer Armentrout cos she makes heart-racing novels! She has unique heroines too but they are easily relatable (like Katy eho is a book lover!)


  4. JLA is my favorite author. Ever. I mean, she created DAEMON BLACK for the love of baby aliens everywhere!! I'm jealous you got to meet her, but since you're giving away JLA stuff, I am somewhat less jealous ;)Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  5. It was so awesome meeting you Jena! 🙂 I totally agree with you, Jen is such an awesome and funny person! 🙂


  6. JLA is such a sweetheart!!!! I'm pretty sure she was my first twitter follower. I just adore how much she loves her fans. It's absolutely fabulous!


  7. I love JLA because she completely took me by surprise! I hadn't heard of her before someone recommended Half-Blood to me since I love mythology so much and ever since I have been in LOOOOOVE with her writing! She can also creat some pretty hot guys… I mean AIDEN?! It doesn't get better than him!


  8. Ahh!! So lucky you got to meet JLA! She's such a good writer and I love the characters she comes up with!!Thanks for this giveaway!


  9. The YA Fest looked amazing, I wish I lived in America so I could attend all these wonderfully bookish events!!I really love Jennifer Armentrout and her books because her characters are so charming and likable. I especially love Seth, with his all his snarkiness!


  10. It looks like so much fun! And you finally met your idol/rockstar Jennifer!!! Woohoo, lucky you 🙂 Now I want to meet her LOL and have my book signed! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂


  11. I like or should I say I am JEALY that you got to take a pic with my favorite author on this planet!!! It looks like you had so much fun and I wish I was there!


  12. First of all, im totes jealous you got to meet THE Jennifer L. Armentrout! I wish she can tour on the West coast someday =]. Second, I really love all the pictures! I like to read about book signings and pictures are always nice to look at.


  13. I love JLA because her characters resonate within me long after I've read one of her books. Plus, she's crazy good with describing what's happening. You're so lucky to have gotten the chance to meet her! Thanks for the giveaway!


  14. I love that you got to meet your favorite author! And that you live in an area where they can do these book signings. There is never anything within the vicinity of where I live. :p


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