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by: Kristi Cook
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– The Book –
Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Violet McKenna is back for her senior year at Winterhaven, and thrilled to be with Aidan after a long summer apart. But when a violent and disturbing vision begins to haunt her, Violet suddenly feels unsure of everything: who to trust, if she is in danger, and—worst of all—whether she and Aidan are really meant to be together.
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– The Author –
YA author Kristi Cook is a transplanted southern gal who lives in New York City with her husband and two kids. Her YA debut, HAVEN, was released in Feb. 2011 by Simon Pulse. 
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– My Review –
Review: Aidan. Aidan. And, oh yeah more Aidan. That’s what we all wanted right? Well don’t worry he’s back and effecting as ever *insert sigh*! Kristi certainly doesn’t disappoint with the sequel to Haven. It’s everything we could have asked for and more. Sexy, constantly on edge, and full of thrilling moments. Mirage is a constant page turner with an end that will have you begging for the third book!

We start off back at Winterhaven, where Aidan and Violet have been apart all summer. And, they are both so happy to be back with each other. Then, Violet starts getting freighting visions about people she really cares about. Soon everything seem to take a turn towards constant turmoil: Violet isn’t sure who to trust, there’s a murderer on the lose, and oh yeah… her latest visions are visions that constantly haunt her. As Violet dives more into who she is, and Aidan fights more to find a cure, their senior year at Winterhaven is anything but easy going.

I truly loved where Kristi took this sequel. Violet, is a smart girl (strong too!) and I love watching her with her friends, teachers, and of course Aidan. With Violet, comes the bigger role of Matthew, aka Dr. Hottie. I loved his role in Mirage and I cannot wait to read more about him! Also, the minor characters play a big part in this series and I truly love that! One in particular is Tyler. His cockiness, athleticism, and overall demeanor totally won me over in Mirage. And of course the final boy… Aidan. Aidan is one of my favorite book boyfriends. I think he’s got all the goods and then some. All throughout Haven I was rooting for him, and in Mirage that didn’t change one bit. I almost felt bad for him in this one though, it seemed as if Violet and him were constantly going through some kind of trouble. Though, I’m still rooting for him and his cure! And, I’ll still be expecting tons of Aidan sexiness in book three!

Kristi definitely takes readers on another thrilling journey in the lovely world of Winterhaven in Mirage. There’s some parts I honestly didn’t see coming and other parts where my heart dropped into my stomach. There’s still secrets that need to be revealed and I cannot wait to find out what they are! I love this world and this story and I seriously cannot wait for the third book!

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