Rachel Hawkins and Ally Carter Signing!

I have to start off by saying I’ve never read an Ally Carter book. I’ve wanted to… but haven’t. And after meeting her and seeing how hilarious she is, I know I need to!! I loved meeting both Ally and Rachel, they both clicked so well. They were constantly making us laugh and I loved how they interacted with the crowd!
So here’s some fun facts from the signing!
– They ended up getting off the wrong train stop. Definitely thought they might die in the Philly train station bathroom. But alas all was figured out and they were safe!
– What advice would you give to a young writer? 
A: Marry Rich! Just kidding. Read a lot, write a lot, and don’t worry about getting published.
R: Read a lot. Figure out the stories you want to tell.

– Did you know the ending of your story?
R: Kind of didn’t. She knew where she wanted Sophie emotionally, but didn’t exactly know how she’d get there.
– Ally is working on Heist Society #3 !

– The Estate in Demon Glass is based off Chatsworth House in the UK.

– Rachel hates scrivener!

– Neither Ally nor Rachel need a specific place to write. Ally likes to get out and write then can go home and relax when she’s finished.

– Rachel was an only child so she tends to write them. She mentioned when she sees siblings fight she’s like “Whhhhy?”.

– How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
R: Played super intense barbies. Her stories were WAY better than her friends Barbie’s stories! She also played pretend a lot.
– Favorite Books?
A: To Kill A Mockingbird. She loves how in every different phase of life you read it, it’s different.
R: Matilda. The Perilous Gard. Game of Thrones.

Picture Time!

Rachel and Myself
Bonnie, Donna, Frankie, and Myself
Bonnie and her friend Jen!
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– One winner!
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– International
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Good luck!
Thank you SO much Ally and Rachel for coming to PA!! Come back soon!! 🙂

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