Cover Love #28

By: Kimberly Derting
Expected Release Date: January 2013
DEAD. DEAD. I love this cover even more than the first! OH MY GOODNESS. Can I haz this?  The model is BEAUTIFUL. I love the color! I love the shadowing of the word in the background! I cannot wait to read this! 🙂
Go check out KIMBERLY DERTING’s WEBSITE for more details! 🙂

Published by Jena Freeth

30. Boy mom. Book lover. Fitness junkie. Shopaholic.

4 thoughts on “Cover Love #28

  1. omg!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!OH My CLouds in the heavens!!!!! THis is……….I cannot wait!! I simply simply cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!X_________X My Eyes are ready!


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