Breathless Tour – Collegeville Stop!

So, I was SO ecstatic when I found out that the Breathless Tour coming to eastern PA. And, not only once, but TWICE! And the Collegeville stop was only 5 mins from my house… I was basically happy dancing. Just sayin’.  I absolutely adore all of these series, so I was so so happy I was able to attend!
Basically I’m going to rant about the signing! Pictures. Author sayings. People who were there. And I may even give a book away…. who knows! 😉
So first, here’s a few candid shots of the authors in the beginning! You’ll have to excuse these shots… I was in the back and I’m not tall. 🙂
Jessica and Andrea!
(Ooooh look LA fitness in the bg. I used to go to that gym. But it was so darn expensive. So I dropped it. HA)
Marie’s Head (Sorry!) and Beth!
They we’re also talking at this point and answering all the questions we had! This is going to sound so weird but I loved all of their voices. (Is that weird?!) I felt like I could listen Andrea Cremer talk forever. Then there was Jessica who had the most adorable voice! Oh and Beth… other than making us constantly laugh, I love the southern accent in her voice! And finally Marie! She was so easy to relate to and you could hear the passion in her voice when she talked about her book. I loved them all!
So here’s some random things I jotted down that the authors said! It’s kind of para-phrased in my words and I added my own comments :).
– Lot of the authors want to cast Ben Barnes for their wish casts for their books!
Beth: She uses people she knows for her minor character’s names. And, the people she kills off in her books are actually old students of hers…. their names I mean!
Andrea: Pictures Chase Crawford as her Shay! HECK YES. I am totes okay with that. I mean I am Team Shay :).
Marie: The closest actor to Day is a young Leonardo DiCaprio with some Asian blood! Hot!
– Marie: Used to be an artist for a video game company. And when she’s distracted from writing she draws her characters! Which I think is freaken awesome considering I adore art. Check out her Deviant Art Here!
Andrea: Wise words: “You actually have to finish a book.” She says, if you want to be a writer you actually have to sit down and write a whole book and not just write idea after idea. I loooove this advice! Because I’m one who tends to idea after idea.
– Beth: Wrote 10 books in 10 years and had tons of rejections until she got a yes! Never give up!
Marie: Speaking on Movie rights – you have to be okay with your book being made into a crappy movie. Even movies that aren’t so great are just like a “2 hour book trailer”. Even the worst movies boost book sales! …See there’s always a positive!!
– Beth: Sees Molly Quinn as Amy!
Beth: Her next book is a “Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds meets Game Of Thrones”!
Andrea: Her next work is based in the fifteenth century!
Marie: She does have another book in the works, but can’t tell us much more than it’s a Sci-Fi!
– Jessica: Was the only one of the four to say if she had to be something (parents, friends, significant other, etc) to her characters… she sees them as her friends!
Jessica: Said she didn’t intend for Sachi and Rory to have as big of a role as they did and Andrea also added to this saying she loves when characters she doesn’t intend to become a big part of the story actually do. They tend to become her favorite.
– Beth: Says “She doesn’t see YA as a reading level but more as a style of writing.”
– All the authors agree YA is more of a “coming of age” story.
Jessica: Said she was writing book2 and was killing off a character (OH NO THAT SCARES ME!) and she said she felt bad about it.
– Beth: On the other hand, laughs wickedly when she kills off characters. She likes our tears.
Marie, Jessica, and Andrea: See their characters first then write the plot.
Beth: Writes her plot first then fits characters in.
Andrea: All her characters names have special meaning.
Okay I think I’ve given you enough inside! 😉 What do you all think about those things?!
I was so excited to finally meet some more bloggers from the area! We even got some nice greasy burgers and fries after! mmmm haha!
April from Sim Sational Books!
Plus other awesome girls! Aka Jackie and Cassie! 🙂
If you don’t you should follow these girls blogs and twitters because they’re all awesome! 🙂
Andrea, April, Jamie, and Me 🙂
L to R: April, Andrea, Jamie, Jessica, Beth, April, Marie, and myself!
The Lovely Authors!
Happy Shot:
Crazy shot:
I ADORE Marie’s Outfit!!! *Steals from her closet*.
Now if you were awesome little readers and scrolled through all of that. I have a giveaway for you all! 🙂
I happened to pick up an extra copy of Born Wicked by: Jessica Spotswood and yep… it’s signed! 🙂
– One winner!
– The giveaway will end February 26th @ 11:59pm EST.
– International
– Winner will be chosen randomly
– If you have any other questions please see my Giveaway Policy.
This Giveaway Is Closed
Good luck!
I had so much fun tonight with all the authors and the bloggers! I love events like this! 🙂

Thanks everyone!

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15 thoughts on “Breathless Tour – Collegeville Stop!

  1. HOW FUN!!! And how jealous I am haha, a book lover outside of US is the most frustrating thing.I've only read Nighthshade and Across the Universe. I can't tell how much I'm dying to finish the Nightshade series, especially because someone on twitter totally ruined the end for me 😦 Is not weird that you liked their voices! Not at all 🙂 And you met other bloggers that is so nice. I'd love to meet you and some other fantastic bloggers! :D(Again, long comment, sooorry! :P)


  2. You got some great picks.. My camera blows, so I just got the one group shot. I can't wait until there is another event down that way on the weekend. The burgers were pretty good, but I still think the best part of that place was the hand dryer.. I need one of those for my house. lol


  3. Awh, that sounded like SO MUCH FUN. And I totes agree, Marie's outfit was uber cutsie! 🙂 Also, Jessica's signature is so cute and neat and girlie! Oooh, and the author shots were high larious! I did a double take! LOL, thanks so much for the giveaway, Jena!


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