(If my gifs don’t work… I apologize.)
HALF BLOOD LEGION!!! We are going against KATNISS TODAY! (12/30)

Like, Katniss really?! She’s a movie star…. BUT Alex is amazing! Like super amazing. And there are SO many of us behind her. And I KNOW she can upset Team Katniss! We just all need to go over to Ya-Sisterhood and Vote for her today! Let’s all join together and kick some butt!!!!!
So will you pretty please vote for ALEX?! … Oh you will?

Yep, yep you ROCK.
We’re going to win this! I know it!!!
Okay… thank you for checking out my hot gifs! Please go vote for ALEX and…

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex’s Advocate – MOMO!

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30. Boy mom. Book lover. Fitness junkie. Shopaholic.

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