Teaser Tuesday #33

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing Wings Of The Wicked is. I mean if you read my review, then okay maybe you do know how I feel. So this week your teaser will be from that book. 🙂 Actually, you get two because I love you. Enjoy!

I turned back and pushed open the door to the stall I’d shoved Cadan into. His grin made me want to punch him. Again.
“Imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t heard her coming.”
“Screw you,” I growled, and grabbed his collar to drag him out of the stall.
“In a public restroom, Ellie? Really? Didn’t think you were that kind of girl.”
– ARC Pg 27
 It was hard for me to gather enough breath in order to speak. “That didn’t help at all.”
“Forgive me,” he whispered very unconvincingly, and kissed my lips without any hurry, as if he had all the time in the world.
“That’s not frosting,” I scolded him, very aware that his lips still brushed mine.
“Tastes like it.” He didn’t wait for me to respond before he opened his mouth against mine and pressed himself into me.”
– ARC Pg 472
Hehehehehe, hope you liked! It was SO hard to choose just two! 🙂
PS. if you want some more, stalk my twitter. I tweeted a few short ones throughout the past few days! Or use this hashtag #WingsOfTheWicked to find them! 🙂

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