Teaser Tuesday

So, I just finished Legend by: Marie Lu and it is still coursing its way through my brain… and I cannot seem to get it out. So this week’s teaser will of course be from this brilliant book. If you’d like to read my review on it, you can find that HERE.


“Finally, when the sunset bathes my apartment in orange and gold, I break out of my trance. I clean up the shining shards of broken glass. I dress in my full uniform. I make sure my hair is pulled back flawlessly, that my face is clean and calm and devoid of emotion. In the mirror, I look the same. But I am a different person inside. I’m a prodigy who knows the truth, and I know exactly what I’m going to do.”
– ARC pg 247
I believe this is the exact moment I fell in love with June. Something about this passage, just gets to me. It’s like finally realizing what’s inside yourself and who you need to be. These words have strength in them, and I love them.

What are your thoughts? Excited for this one? 🙂

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