Cover Love: Until I Die

Until I Die (Revenants #2)
By: Amy Plum

Release Date: May 3rd, 2012
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WAAAH YESSS ❤ SO PRETTIFUL! I love this series so much! JULES RULES… just sayin' ;). I love the sexy Vincent too! No worries! I cannot wait to read this book! I love Amy. And I love Die For Me. So I’m sure Until I Die will be epic! What do you think?! 🙂

Published by Jena Freeth

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9 thoughts on “Cover Love: Until I Die

  1. I love the cover!!! The whole colour scheme is just GORGEOUS. And I wants it, I wants it NOW. JULES!!! He's welcome to get his flirt on with me anytime. I ❤ Vincent too! And oh Paris… j'adore.


  2. umm… JULES does INDEED RULE!! ❤ <3annnnd I'm secretly hoping that Kate ends up with him!! DUDE. I need this book yesterday. GAH! I love these cover's so much and they make me want to go to Paris SO FREAKIN' BAD! Let's go! CAN WE?! CAN WE?! CAN WE?!?!


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