Trial By Fire by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Synopsis: There can only be one alpha.

Bryn is finally settling into her position as alpha of the Cedar Ridge Pack—or at least, her own version of what it means to be alpha when you’re a human leading a band of werewolves. Then she finds a teenage boy bleeding on her front porch. Before collapsing, he tells her his name is Lucas, he’s a Were, and Bryn’s protection is his only hope.

But Lucas isn’t part of Bryn’s pack, and she has no right to claim another alpha’s Were. With threats—old and new—looming, and danger closing in from all sides, Bryn will have to accept what her guardian Callum knew all along. To be alpha, she will have to give in to her own animal instincts and become less human. And, she’s going to have to do it alone.

Bryn faces both the costs, and the rewards, of love and loyalty, in this thrilling sequel to Raised by Wolves.


Thoughts: If you enjoyed Raised By Wolves, you will no doubt love Trial By Fire. It in no way disappoints. Trial By Fire continues the unique werewolf story that we’ve grown to love. It is strong, suspenseful, and will have an ending you didn’t see coming.

Trial By Fire continues where we left off in Raised By Wolves. Bryn is now alpha of the Cedar Ridge Pack. Not only is Bryn the only human alpha, she also has the pack with the most females and most young children. Bryn is under extreme pressure to protect them all, especially from her enemy Shay, the alpha of the Snake Bend Pack. When, Lucas, a dying teenage boy were shows up on Bryn’s porch, she has to once again be the strength her pack needs and figure out how to solve the issue before anyone gets hurt, or worse killed.

I was really impressed with Trial By Fire. This story is so unique and Bryn is SUCH a strong female lead. I actually have to admit, *I* think that she is one of the strongest, toughest females leads I’ve read about. She will always do anything for her pack, they always comes first. Bryn does whatever she has to do in Trial By Fire to keep her pack safe, including sacrificing herself… no matter the cost.

Moving on to the boys… yep, I’m just going to say it Devon is my favorite. *gasp* The love interest isn’t my favorite for once! And yes, I’m going to be honest and say Devon is my favorite character in the book. He has everything you could ask for in a best friend, or a guy for that matter. He’s witty, protective, strong, good-looking, caring, self-sacrificing… I mean HELLO perfection.

Then, there’s Chase. Oh Chase… you sweet heart you. I love Chase, I really do, but unfortunately I just don’t feel fully connected to him. I don’t know if it’s him per say or it’s the Bryn/Chase thing I don’t feel the connection with. I had this same issue in Raised By Wolves but, I admit I liked Chase much more in Trial By Fire. He always puts Bryn first, is completely honest and would do absolutely anything for her. He’s a strong boy that I’d want on my side any day.

Another guy, who of course played a role is Callum. I’ve loved Callum from book one. I think he’s a such a wise character and I cannot wait to see him in book three.

With Trial By Fire there were also new characters, ones I really quite enjoyed. But don’t worry, all the old characters you’ve grown to love are still there! PS. LAKE…. she is BAD ASS at pool. And I love it! I love pool.

Trial By Fire had a few twists I did not see coming at all. The story line was so perfectly executed and so unique. I was so impressed with how Trail By Fire played out and I am so excited to read the next book. Five stars out of Five.

– 5 out of 5 stars –

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One thought on “Trial By Fire by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  1. Ahhh stop it! Stop making this sound so good. Stop tempting me when I don't have a copy yet! I really loved Raised By Wolves, so I'm SO happy to hear Trial By Fire is just as good, if not better! Aw and I'm so excited to see more of Devon now! Fantastic review, you've made me even more excited now 😀


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