Teaser Tuesday

If you saw my review last week of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, you now know that it is one of my favorite books. So this week I’ll give you three short teasers. One into the mind of Mara and two of Noah (because I love him so much I couldn’t chose… I even had a tough time chosing TWO!) Enjoy 🙂

Now.. I don’t know why because this is going make my mind sound SO twisted, but I loved this scene…
“Then scalding pain clawed at my skin, my bones, inside out, outside in. A soundless scream misshaped my mouth and I struggled to pull my arm out but it wouldn’t move. I couldn’t move. I crumpled against the side of the bathtub. My mother found me there an hour later.”
– 148
Now for the sexiest, cutest, most amazing boy ever…
“Let me guess. A certain unkempt bastard with a panty-dropping smile?”
– 61
PS. unkempt is basically one of my new favorite words.

“‘You’re distracting,’ I said truthfully.
‘I won’t be. I promise,’ Noah said. ‘I’ll get some crayons and draw quietly. Alone. In a corner.'”
– 260

And okay since they were both funny (and you all can thank brooke)
here’s a sexy one.

“That mouth. Smoking was a bad habit, yes. But he looked so good doing it.”
– 96

OKAY that’s IT! No more, you won’t get anymore out of me! Believe I could go on & on & on about this book & Noah… but you’ll just have to wait till september. Hope ya enjoyed 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. *Panting* Oh Jesus, the last one!!!!!!! *dies**comes back as a zombie*this —> \”A certain unkempt bastard with a panty-dropping smile?\”*picks up my panties*how the hell did he saw my panties falling all the way from there?


  2. the boy IS way to sexy for his own good! and GAWD he knows how to throw out a one liner! I want more Noah/Mara action <—(not fighting) in the next book! 😉


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