Teaser Tuesday

So last week I told everyone I’d be posting a short VANISH teaser. I decided I’d give you guys two again!

First let me tell you, you NEED to buy this book the SECOND it’s released. It was amazing. Absolutely fantastic. By the way… Cassian is MINE, so back off :).

Any who, the teasers are not spoilery in any way, they’re not scary, not slutty (WHAT?! I know right?!), but they are some of my FAVORITE lines from the whole book. Not sure why, they just got to me. 🙂 So here ya go…

“No. You know what you are. You haven’t figured out who you are.”

– Pg. 206

“It’s a strange realization… feeling guilt does not mean I regret anything.”

– Pg. 34

Hope they were inspirational to you! Now… you want some more VANISH, head over to my BESTIE’s page (Brooke Reports) and you can have two more awesome teasers 🙂

Published by Jena Freeth

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2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. The first one was one of my favorite lines too! & for the second one…at first i was like, \”how can you feel guilty but not regret it? oh yea cuz it involves a sexy ass boy!\” :PLOVED THIS BOOK! thanks A MILLION TRILLION FOR letting me borrow it! ❤ you!


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