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So every year there’s always this last week in which there’s all different lists people put together. Best book boyfriends of the year, best book of the year, best villains, favorite characters, etc, etc. I tried last year… I really did! But, when you’re in love with books as much as I am, and I’m sure the blogsphere is, it’s RIDICULOUSLY hard to choose just ten when most of us read around 100 books a year and love almost all of them.

So this year, I will not be participating in any of them.
He’s pretty sexy though.

If you really want to know my favorites, just ask me or check out my goodreads page…I actually have shelves titled favorite boys, favorite covers,and favorites!

But, there are too many amazing authors and amazing books and amazing characters for me to limit it down to lists. I tend to love every book I read for different reasons. If you read my reviews, talk to me, or stalk my goodreads you’ll know which books broke my heart or which books made me jump around my room with joy.

I don’t object to these posts at all though! I actually love seeing what other’s choose and I even find myself finding a lot of new stories I haven’t read yet!

So honestly, I hope every one has loved all the books they’ve read this year. And I am so GOD-DAMN excited for the 2013 books that will be releasing!


And, I may have wanted to just post some awesome gifs. Mission accomplished. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “2012

  1. GAHH DESPICABLE ME!!! :DI agree with you. I'm not narrowing anything down to ten. I have had a lot of favorites this year, and I know I would have had more, if I had actually read ALL of the new 2012 releases that I wanted to (I didn't get to all of them). But, it's definitely been a great year in books! AND, I finally got my blog started! Exciting stuff 🙂


  2. I totally get it! It's hard to choose your favourites and sort them into a list. I did a survey and it was so hard, it took me forever to write up. I'm glad you read so many awesome books though if it's that hard to choose between! Love the GIF's!


  3. 2012 has been the bestest ever because.. I HAVE MET YOOOOU! <33 Most of your favorites are probably (most likely) my favorites too so I definitely know what you mean about not being able to pick but because I want to make a best of 2012 I shall have to pick! lol BUT YYAAAAAY! I love this post, but really, I love all your posts and I want to star/favorite/like them all for the sake of keeping them. Love the gifs, love this post, and love yoooou more than chocolate, ice cream and Jared Lynburn. 🙂


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