Teaser Tuesday #40

So, I realize it’s somewhat late in the day. But, I recently read Unraveling by: Elizabeth Norris and it blew me away. You can read my review here! But any who, I must give you a teaser or two or three!! So enjoy 🙂

But Elijah keeps going. “You think you’re the first prude to get in some kind of accident and realize you’re wasting your life away? You can’t just come over here for a pity fuck and an adrenaline rush. You -“
A fist crashes into his cheekbone, and the force rocks him backward, knocking Roxy to the side. A couple other guys laugh.
And then Ben is standing in front of me, holding on to his hand and rubbing his knuckles. He jerks his head toward the L building, and we both start walking that way.
It hasn’t escaped my notice that he stuck up for me. That he just punched one of his friends – a kid notorious for getting suspended at least once every few months for kicking the shit out of someone – because I’d been insulted.
The notion is a little barbaric, but I’m too flattered to care.
– ARC 60
His hand tilts my chin up. I close my eyes. His breath is warm against my skin. Our noses brush against each other. I hold my breath. Before he kisses me, I can feel how close we are, like the nerve endings in my body are so sensitive they’ve extended inches outward, and the electricity between us charges the space between. Ben hesitated, and I wonder if he’s changed his mind. I open my eyes to check.
And then his lips touch mine.
And one last….
Hope you enjoyed! And if you haven’t pre-ordered this one… GO DO IT, you will not regret i!! Comes out April 24th!! 🙂

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